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huron-perth-tent-rentalsABC’s Party-Time Rentals and Huron Perth Tent Rentals have paired up to offer you the best service available. All of our tent rentals are handled through Huron Perth Tent Rentals.

If you are renting other party supplies we can provide everything, including the tent all on one invoice.

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About Huron Perth Tent Rentals
Huron Perth Tent Rentals is a family-run business with 15 plus years of experience in the tent and party rental business. Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner for eight or a grand event for a thousand, we have the right size tent for your event. With expert knowledge on tenting and a large and diverse inventory, we will make your next outdoor event memorable. Give us a call today.

Huron Perth Tent Rentals
New Hamburg, Ontario

With over 50 years of combined rental knowledge, ABC’s Party-Time Rentals and Huron Perth Tent Rentals will help make your next event unique and memorable.

Policy and Information

Prior to all tent reservations a site approval by us is required. Linen Size Chart

Necessary Permits

The tent location may require Building Permit and Engineer approval for tent structure of a certain

size following the city or township rules and/or laws the property is connected with. Prior to the

installation of the tent, you must obtain all necessary permits, licenses and consents from the

appropriate government agencies at your expense.

We agree to provide you with all necessary paperwork, certificates and drawings.

Tent setup on grass

Underground services

You must to contact the appropriate authorities before the tent erection is to begin and obtain Their authorization to drive tent stakes or otherwise disturb the soil, and inform us of any existence of any underground utilities such as Gas lines, water lines, oil tanks, septic systems, electrical wire, Internet or communication wires (Rogers, Bell, Private) swimming pools and like equipment or conditions that may interfere with our ability to sake and/or anchor tents. It is you’re responsibly to have the location of all underground services marked and inform our crew when they arrive at the job site. You shall provide us with a detailed diagram of all underground systems no later than 7 days before schedule tent installation.

Failure to obtain necessary permits and/ or approval may result in fines and an order to have the tent dismantled from the city or township the prosperity is connected with.

Helpful Hints

Suggested Tent Sizing

View our Sizing Chart

TypeSuggested Sizing
Cathedral Seating6 sq. ft. per person
Buffet Dinner8 sq. ft. per person
Dinner at Round Tables12 sq. ft. per person
Dance Floor3-4 sq. ft. per person
DJ Setup100 sq. ft. minimum
Live BandCheck with band
Bar & Beverage Area100 sq. ft. per station
Gift/Presentation Table80-100 sq. ft. per 8ft table

Standing & Cathedral seating is the same but these figures do not allow for aisle, dance floor, bar etc.
Each dance floor panel is 25 sq. ft. Up to 8 people per panel


Tent on a dockTent Questions and Helpful Hints

  1. What kind of event is it?
  2. What are you going to do under the tent (i.e. Dinner, cocktail party, dance)
  3. How many people are attending?
  4. Will they be using tables & chairs?
  5. Will there be other things to be set up (i.e. Dancing, D.J., Live Band, Bar tables, Bar area, Gift or presentation tables)

Tent Installation Considerations

  1. What type of surface? Grass, Asphalt, Concrete.
  2. What is the size of yard or area?
  3. Is there any Gas, Electric or Water lines in the tent site area
  4. Is there any overhead obstructions, trees, hydro, other obstructions, streets, patios, deck, plants, and gardens.

Please note: when setting up we need room for staking tent. Please add 10 ft to length and width of tent size

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